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If You Like and Enjoy Flavor, Taste, Aroma, Fragrance, Natural Support for your Health
AND You like to get away from Cleaning with Chemicals
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Communities and Projects Worldwide
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For the Germans - Ich spreche auch Deutsch 🙂

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With every Purchase of an Oil, or any other product, you support Communities and other Projects Worldwide like Farmer Families in over 40 Countries and
the Healing Hands Foundation

I invite You to join me for a great purpose 🙂
I am Nishant
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Welcome to the World of
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Empowered Life Series: Mood and Emotional Health


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Sharing your Love for these Oils and what doTerra is doing for our World - with Friends and Family.
You need only 1 - 3 people who are eager to do this as a Business
(6 people if you want to grow it really BIG 🙂 )
And then each of them again 1 - 3 and so on and so on 🙂
And everyone can make as much money as they like to
There are no Limits!
You decide how big you like to build/grow your Business
Sounds like Fun and Interesting!? 🙂

Here about the Compensation Plan

No selling involved, just showing others how they can shop for themselves and take care of themselves and then show and invite others do the same 🙂
(Is called Network Marketing 🙂 )
You can invite people worldwide, so even your Vacation Acquaintances 🙂

Here a Link for the Network Marketing Professionals 🙂
Comparing Compensation Plans

Here you can see the Cashflow Quadrant

Here you are part of a System (Compensation Plan)
See Here! 🙂
that works for you and the people you invite
(Business Owner - in Business for yourself but not by yourself 🙂 )

Why Network Marketing!?

Let me explain a little bit more in Detail 🙂
No matter in which Position you are in a Company, even when you are the Owner, your Income is Limited and you have to trade Hours for your Income, the same is if you are self Employed, when you stop working, no money!!!
When you are an Investor, they say, Money is working for you, but this isn't true, People are working for you
(I don't like this Idea)

Now with Network Marketing it is a totally different story
No one is the Boss, everybody is Independent and can make as much Money as they like too and the income is shared according to how much effort you personally put into it and you make money according to how many people you help to make the kind of money they like to make and a Compensation Plan takes care of everything
Providing a Residual Income, even in your Sleep you make money ...But not because people are working for you, But because everybody is doing the SAME thing - Shopping for themselves and showing others doing the same ...
Much better right!? 🙂
Any Questions - ASK!!! 🙂

Here you can see how it looks like when you work for a Company

On which Level are you?
Looks like a Pyramid, right!?
All Companies are build like this ...
You are always getting paid according to on which Level you are, trading Hours for Income
(And you can never make the same kind of money, like the people above you!)
Here, with doTerra, you can set your own time.
You start Part Time till the point where you can replace your Income and then you have the choice, either going Full time or still keeping your Job

Sounds good, right!? 🙂
Take your Life into your own hands 🙂
(With the help of an outstanding Compensation Plan and a Team that stands behind you, on every way of your Journey, building your Dream for a better Future 🙂 )

Nature's Solution Kit Class with Vanessa Jean

Empowered Life Series- Family Personal Care

Here the Story of a friend of mine:

"When I first started using essential oils I did so with a lot of trepidation. I have always been one who was afraid of change and I honestly wasn’t really sure how much faith I had in the oils. Fast forward a few months and all I can say is WOW. How did I go my whole life without these bottles of awesomeness?? Once I decided to jump in and start utilizing them in all aspects of my everyday life, I felt a shift beginning to occur deep within me on so many levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually. It was slow at first but has just continued to build and build.

I have been diagnosed with so many autoimmune issues, neurological issues, sleep issues, PCOS, acne and rosacea issues, psoriasis, skin cancer, dental issues…the list goes on and on. I think I see every specialist known to man. My gp doctor actually has to schedule double appointment slots for me because it takes so long to get through everything when I see her. But something magical has begun to happen…

I added 2 drops of peppermint to my toothpaste when I brush morning and night and my mouth health improved within a week. I started adding a drop of grapefruit oil to my face wash morning and night and then to moisturize I used a mixture of jojoba oil and 1 drop of geranium oil in the morning and a mixture of jojoba oil and 1 drop frankincense and my face has become so clear that I quit using my prescription acne and rosacea meds (which didn’t really work that well anyhow). My skin is normally so oily I thought for sure I was going to break out since putting oils on my face seemed counter-intuitive but my skin looks better now than it ever has. Wrinkles around the eyes? Those are starting to fade using a rollerball with jojoba and frankincense. The psoriasis patches on my arms? Almost gone thanks to jojoba and geranium oil. My dandruff? Gone thanks to adding peppermint oil to shampoo and geranium oil to my conditioner. My immune system? Starting to actually act somewhat normal thanks to taking 2 drops of oregano oil in a veggie capsule every morning and adding 2 drops of lemon oil to my hot tea several times a day. The crazy shaving bumps I would get on my legs no matter what I did? Disappeared thanks to grapefruit oil mixed in with my body soap. Scars? Fading thanks to frankie.

Then there are the emotional and spiritual shifts. Using various oils to calm my anxieties. Learning to go more within, letting go of that which no longer serves me. The oils help me get into a deeper meditative state as well. My sleep? Better with lavender. I could go on and on about all of the shifts. I now really understand what people meant when they would say “there is an oil for that”. It isn’t hype. It’s fact. And it is lifechanging."

Some Lady from  our Team

Maybe you already know this, but doTerra Serenity EO works wonders for sleep. My husband has a really stressful job and I have been applying some oil before he goes to sleep and voila! Like magic!! He has a restful night. So worth it!

Here my own Story  🙂 :

In 2002 I came from Germany to the USA for my first wife and married right into Network Marketing. I never before heard of it.

We went to a lot of Business Functions, like twice a Year to mayor Functions where we would hear Inspirational Speakers - Sharing their own Story (Like the Global Convention "Dream doTerra" - see below). So I learned a lot about the difference between Network Marketing and your daily Job. And we met with our Team Leaders once a month at their Place and some other Meetings here and there.

I learned also, that even when you are self employed like a Doctor, Real Estate Agent or any other Job where you can make a lot of money, Network Marketing takes the pressure off of having to work all the time, because you have a System which works for YOU 🙂

And it is of course also about what kind of Product they have - with doTerra you have the best combination out of both - Product and System  (Compensation Plan)

I have learned about the Pros and Cons and can NOW help YOU in every way possible to go for it yourself as far as you would like too 🙂

Here the link where you can Join me as a
 Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate  

You can do this even as a group of people who likes to share their Income, supporting each other, like Families, Organizations, Clubs, Grassroots Movements and more

Are You ready to go for it!? 🙂 

Here you can read all about the Essential Oils 🙂

Presentations: Essential Oils

The 7 Best Calming Essential Oils

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The doTerra Living Magazine 2018

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doTERRA Culture: Healing Hands

Products: Essential Oil Blends

Join the Global Convention
September 19 - 22
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Here are the top five reasons to watch the convention…
1 - Be the first to see a brand new essential oil line and delivery system
2 - Experience how essential oils interact with our cells
3 - Discover university-driven research that unlocks the biological mystery of essential oils
4 - Understand the doTERRA Difference: why others don’t measure up - Watch how doTERRA is shaping the future of healthcare.


Any Questions?
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I can help you to find out what works best for you
To your health and success

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