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    Hydrofication from the tractor is a crucial matter. Not merely the workflow might depend upon the quality of the equipment, its installation and design. Errors impact the condition of the truck and even lead to injury to operators or others. And that would have to be completed would be to entrust the installation and selection in the hydraulic program to AVM GROUP Ukraine. The technicians of the company deal with any tasks and will quickly select the needed equipment even for unusual ask for.

    Exactly what is AVM

    AVM Ukraine may be the largest retail store of hydraulic equipment for vehicles.

    Investments branded modules from:

    – Gemma;

    – Hyva;

    – Binotto;

    – Aber;

    – Penta.

    Manufacturers have diverse costs plans. As well as for some, even the profile of the benefit that the equipment is meant is quite narrow. However are united by their undoubted high quality, accepted across the world.

    Just what does AVM retailer offer?

    The store’s catalog consists of items for the hydrofication associated with a freight carry. In variety:

    – hydraulic tanks and pumps;

    – energy take-away from shafts;

    – manipulators;

    – handle panels;

    – valves and branch piping;

    – consumables.

    Exactly why are hydraulics placed on pickups?

    The majority of the tractors from your manufacturer are produced simply for connection with semi-trailers. Transporting a restricted set of goods or transporting other automobiles will be all that the machine can do. Hydraulics, on the other hand, permits you to increase the area of ? ?their use. For example, put in:

    – dump trailers or cement mixing machine and convert the tractor right into a building


    – squander collection package or watering system with brushes for

    communal operates;

    – cistern and push to offer sewage professional services;

    – refrigeration station for transportation of products demanding low


    – a special transport program for the travel of oversized cargo and

    agricultural machinery.

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